Stanford University, Stanford, California, 2016–present
    Ph.D. Student, Geophysics

Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado, 2012-2016
    B.S. in Geophyscial Engineering , Magna Cum Laude
    Minor in Computational Sciences


Shell, Houston, TX, Summer 2015
    Applied geophysics background and software development skills in C++ to build and deploy a wavelet spectra analysis tool with advanced functionality.

Shell, Houston, TX, Summer 2014
    Created a database organizing Shell applications for subsurface exploration and well analysis. This database increases efficiency of software development teams by consolidating previously scattered application information and making it readily available for future collaboration.


Waveform Inversion
    Practice with acoustic and elastic Full Waveform Inversion and Wavefield Reconstruction Inversion using sythetic and field data.

Seismic Processing and Imaging
    Advanced courses at Stanford University and Colorado School of Mines covering seismic theory, processing, imaging, and inversion.

Parallel Computing
     Executed large computational jobs in parallel on Stanford computer clusters. Additional coursework implementing finite difference stencils using CUDA, MPI, and OpenMP.

Software Experience
    Extensive experience using C++, Fortran, Java, Python, and MatLab programming languages both in industry and in the classroom.